Mark T. Bao is a technology entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and a guy in pursuit of happiness.

I’m a startup founder. I start innovative businesses. To date, I’ve started: Avecora/Sense Research,, AdSocial, Student Concourse, FB Idol (acquired 2008), Atomplan (formerly Avecora OnDemand, acquired 2009), Genevine (formerly Ramamia), TickrTalk, Classleaf, Adaptance Advertising, Branchr Advertising (CTO), and Supportbreeze. The latter seven I just listed are still running.

I also believe in giving back to the community. I’ve started three nonprofits: The Genevine Foundation,, and The Center for Ethical Business.

In my free time (not quite sure what that is, but a lot of people seem to have it), I like to write, think about the meaning of life, play piano and guitar, sing, take photos, paint oils, paint watercolors, sketch, think about fashion, and other things. YES, I DO HAVE A LIFE. KIND OF. DON’T QUESTION IT.

I love meeting new people! Get in touch: mark at/, give me a call at 617.395.5633, hit me up on AIM/marktbao, QQ/470385121, or connect to me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Flickr. Awesome.

To view more stuff about me, including my work, visit